Throbbing pain in vagina

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors. This article focuses on pain in the vulvar region and at the opening. Throbbing pain in the pelvis. Pain in the vagina or technically vulvodynia is a common problem among women of all ages and races. The throbbing pain in vagina vulva includes the opening of the vagina, the pubic mound, the inner and outer labia. In people with vulvodynia, there.

If your vagina hurts or sex is painful, pelvic pain from problems like endometriosis or cystitis may be to blame. Too many possibilities to hazard a guess. S no identifiable cause for the pain, such as a cut or infection. What causes pulsing in the vaginal area. I have a throbbing sensation inside my vagina, it almost feels like a pulse or something like that. The skin surrounding the entrance to the vagina.

Throbbing pain in vagina there is definitely a pulsing of the muscles that surround the opening of the vagina. The severe pain goes to buttock and down the back of my leg. The exact reason for the pain is very tough to decipher and many women are left without a diagnosis. T be embarrassed to tell a doctor about it and get it checked out. Answered by a verified ob gyn doctor. You should see your doctor to look for infections.

For example, a sexually transmitted disease called genital herpes can cause vaginal pain, irritation as well as sores around the genital area, anus and thighs. It can affect women of all ages, and often. In most cases, there is no clear cause of the pain, so it is not even considered as a painful syndrome at times. Depending on throbbing pain in vagina the reason behind vaginal pain, other symptoms may also develop. Pain or discomfort in your vagina is often the result of a medical or psychological issue. Do you have an infection.

In females, the vagina is the passage from the cervix to the vulva. Vulvodynia is persistent, unexplained pain in the vulva. Vulvodynia is persistent pain of the vulva, the area around the opening of the vagina. A throbbing or pulsing sensation may be experienced. For the past week or so, my vagina has been throbbing on and off. Answered by throbbing pain in vagina a verified ob gyn doctor.

Is it recent, sudden, or chronic. I have no idea what this pain might be, but please don. S shaped like an upside down triangle, well the throbbing is always at. The degree of severity varies among women. Throbbing pain and vaginal pain, and check the relations between throbbing pain. I have a throbbing pain in my right vaginal lip.